Expect Classic And Trendy Tuxedos New Year's Eve

Men's formals selling well in preparation for big night

by Elizabeth Scott


New Year's Eve with Dom, beluga, catered delicacies and a serving staff in white starched jackets isn't complete without the striking form of men in their black tuxedos. As the millennium approaches, the standard in formal men's attire is finding favor with a wide range of designers and men's clothing retailers. For New Year's revelers welcoming a new millennium, knowing what's hot and what's not will help make it a night to remember.

"We still see the classic styles as the most popular. People want more with less," said Pat in the men's department of Nordstrom's flagship, Seattle store. "One can find more trendy costume types of tuxes, but for the big New Year's celebrations, we are seeing the double breasted tux, shawl collar, and notched styles as the most popular." He added that the morning coat with tails is popular for debutante balls or weddings but appears not a preference for the millennium events. "Hugo Boss does make a three button tuxedo," but he added, "we don't see this as timeless."

At Brooks Brothers the classics still reign. Sales figures show that the notch collar is the most popular, but the peak collar is a favorite, too. The company is also gearing up for additional sales of tuxedos and accessories. In addition to receiving a greater quantity, they are also receiving some more unique accessories, according to a Brooks Brothers sales representative.

The company is promoting a collection of woven and textured ties and cumber bun sets in festive and classics colors, beyond the traditional ties and cumber buns with the smooth satin finish. Particularly popular are, foulard prints, and medallion prints, and tone on tones.

Rentals are also predicted to peak during the coming millennium holiday according to Bryan with a Formal Affair, a family owned business in Kent, Washington.

"We can help anyone with any color for their New Year's event," said Bryan. "Now the teal and hunter green are very popular while the single guys are going with the standard black or white. But for the coming season, we see the trend moving to colors with gold or silver accents," he said adding that there has been a lot of interest in blues, greens or purples with silver or gold accents. "We are also seeing a trend away from bow ties to ascots and traditional daywear ties, made to match the cumber bun," he added.

Zootux, offered by Gino's via the Internet, is a throwback to the twenties. Complete with broad brim hat, pocket chain and spats, these types of retro styles are also making an appearance in many formal retail and rental shops.

At 11:59 p.m. December 31, 1999, thousands of venues around the country will sport men and a few women in tuxedos styled from sophistication to silliness. Whether the aim is the classic form of James Bond at the roulette table or the blue velvet and ruffles of Austin Powers, haberdasheries are gearing up to make the evening one to remember for a thousand years!

DATE: 7/13/99

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