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Although the new millenium has already begun, it's fun to look back at the excitement. Consider Everything 2000 your time capsule from Y2K. The extremes people went to are really amazing. Please let us know if you have any memorable Millenium stories.
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Japanese Tourist Panicked After Y2K
Odd but true story of Y2K fearing Japanese man showing up in Australian outback
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"2000 Years: The Millennium Concert"
Billy Joel profiting off New Year’s Eve concert with big double CD-disc
Full Story

Millennium Dome Fails to Attract Big Crowds
Attendance for London’s Millennium centerpiece is below expectations
Full Story

Who Should Pay for NonY2K?
Businesses that spent billions to exterminate bug want insurers to pony up
Full Story

Philadelphia Countdowns to Real Millennium
City activates it’s Y2K countdown for a second time to get people into the millennium spirit
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Sharon's Ride Around the World -Newly Updated
Follow our intrepid reporter as she spends all of 2000, cycling around the world! Full Story

We Want Your Millennium News & Events
We're updating and changing and we need your help. Why not try a psychic reading? Get a reading here for yourself!
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CNN Millennium 2000 CNN Millennium

“The Race” Preps Underway
New Year’s Eve 2000 sailing event will capture the world’s attention
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Y2K "Leaps" Pass Final HurdleFull Story
Leap Year computer problems are few leaving bug nearly exterminated
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Fantasia 2000 Breaks IMAX RecordsFull Story
Disney sequel proves to be IMAX's most successful movie
Full story..
The soundtrack to Fantasia 2000, a superb compilation of classical music.
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More Fantasia: Visions of Hope
Walt Disney's Fantasia

Wedding Dress Trends 2000 Full Story
Valentine brides looking to add a little color to their day
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Saving Millennium Memorabilia Full Story
How long should you keep your year 2000 hats, snow globes and other trinkets?
Full story...

Call for Millennium Beacons Along Themes
Plans call for beacons of light to ring in New Year’s Eve 2000 in London.

Full Story

Home Trends 2000 Full Story
High-tech and geared to work and play a look at the home of the 21st century
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 Books and Videos
Cnn 2000 video CNN Millennium 2000:
Two hours of clips commemorating New Year's Eve 2000 as it was celebrated around the world.
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101 Things to do in the year 2000 101 Things to do in the year 2000:
Tips and ideas for making 2000 a memorable year.
by Dan Penwell
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Calendar Calendar :
Humanity's Epic Struggle to determine a true and accurate year.
by David Ewing Duncan
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Gift of a Year The Gift of a Year:
How to Give Yourself the Most Meaningful, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Year of Your Life.
by Mira Kirshenbaum
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Machismo Trends 2000 Full Story
Cigars are out, scotch is in as symbols of guyness begins to change
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New York Trends 2000 Full Story
Where New York goes, often the rest of the country will follow
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 Books and Videos
Our Century In Pictures LIFE:
Our Century in Pictures
by Richard B. Stolley
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Life Millennium LIFE MILLENNIUM:
The 100 Most Important Events and People of the Past 1000 Years
by The Editors of Life
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A&E Biography Biography of the Millennium:
100 People, 1000 Years.
from A&E Biographies
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Make a time capsule Millennium Time Capsule 2000:
Instructions and tips on creating a time capsule that will represent the 20th century for future generations.
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Proflowers.com : Fresh-cut flower bouquets
Expression 2000: Everything to decorate the Millennium & beyond!
Y2K Confetti: Confetti from 44th and Broadway in New York's Times Square can be yours for a price.
British Millennium Festivals: Listings of British millennium celebrations that take place through out 2000.
Official family of the Millennium: Someone had to be, so Karpiscak Family volunteered.

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