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1999 Computer Y2K Stories

12/29/99 Home Computers and Y2K
12/29/99 D.C. Y2K Up and Running
12/27/99 Bring on Y2K; Microsoft Ready
12/20/99 Financial Advice for Y2K Preparation
12/20/99 Y2K Uncertainty in Eastern Europe
12/17/99 Welfare Programs at Risk for Y2K
12/16/99 Time is Ripe for Y2K Rip-offs
12/15/99 Airlines Y2K Ready
12/14/99 No Y2K Worries on Wall Street
12/13/99 U.S. Report to Calm Y2K Fears
12/9/99 Y2K Backup is Snail Mail in Moscow
12/8/99 Tis the Virus Season
12/7/99 96,000 Japanese Troops Ready for Y2K
12/7/99 Iran Blames U.S. for Possible Y2K Problems
12/7/99 Avoiding Y2K Health Related Mishaps
12/6/99 Computer Virus Targets Y2K Fears
12/6/99 Mormon Missionaries Grounded
12/3/99 U.S. and Russia Linked for Y2K Alerts
11/29/99 Y2K Preparedness Ratings
11/23/99 America's Y2K Report Card
11/23/99 Thai's Urged To Have Torches For Y2K
11/22/99 Y2K Movie "Apocalypse"
11/22/99 Y2K Cash Stockpiled
11/19/99 Beware of Y2K Scams
11/18/99 Internet Y2K Ready
11/17/99 Fixing Y2K - the Pricetag
11/17/99 Y2K Movie Worrisome
11/15/99 Arkansas stocks up for New Year
11/10/99 Y2K Won't Bug US Says Clinton
11/10/99 Y2K Still Bugging Medical Industry
11/10/99 Y2K Resource Library Formed
11/9/99 Y2K Booklet Released by Government
11/9/99 Y2K Fears Few in Russia
11/8/99 Airports Y2K Ready for Takeoff in New Year
11/8/99 Preparing your PC for Y2K
11/4/99 Americans Fear Y2K Most
11/3/99 New Y2K Headache-Hackers
11/3/99 IRS is Sort-of Ready for Y2K
11/2/99 Y2K-Truth and Fiction
11/2/99 Nuke Plants Prepare for Y2K
10/25/99 Chicago Ready for Y2K
10/25/99 Y2K Hotline Calms Millennium Fears
10/15/99 Y2K Drill in Georgia
10/12/99 FAA Report Status of Y2K Readiness
10/8/99 Britains Get Y2K Anti Panic Handbook
10/8/99 Transit Systems Worldwide On Alert
10/7/99 Medicare Issues Y2K Warning
10/6/99 CIO's Stashing Cash for Y2K
10/4/99 Japan Prepares for Y2K
9/22/99 US Confident of Y2K Preps
9/22/99 Small Business Not Quite Ready for Y2K
9/21/99 Africa Behind in Y2K Fixes
9/20/99 US Cities Get "C" On Y2K Report Card
9/15/99 US Issues Y2K Warnings
9/14/99 Britain Issues Y2K Travel Warnings
9/10/99 Y2K Flight Fears Easing
9/09/99 Countries Late On Airport Y2K Reports
9/09/99 Twelve Power Companies Not Y2K Ready
9/08/99 9-9-99 Watch Underway
9/08/99 Wall Street Y2K Ready
9/08/99 Why Y2k?
9/03/99 Government Prepares for 9-9-99
9/03/99 Y2K Fixes Improving Worldwide
9/01/99 Chicago Warned Against Hoarding For Y2K

8/24/99 Y2K Lawsuits Being Filed
8/20/99 Survivalists Betting on Disaster
8/19/99 Australia Ready for Y2K
8/16/99 Only Three States Y2K Ready
8/10/99 Canadian Government Y2K Ready
8/09/99 Microsoft Launching Push To Fix Y2K
8/05/99 Canadians Not Worried About Y2k
8/02/99 All But One-Percent Of U.S. Bank Y2K Ready

7/30/99 White House Planning 24-hour Y2K Watch
7/30/99 Colorado Y2K Prepared
7/29/99 California Looks Good For Y2K
7/26/99 Don't Test Lights After Midnight New Year's Day
7/23/99 FAA Completes Y2K Fixes
7/20/99 Don't Blame Y2K For Power Problems
7/19/99 Companies Could Lose Billions In Y2K Fraud
7/19/99 Analysts Say Brazil Behind On Y2K
7/13/99 US Will Issue Y2K Warnings
7/13/99 Polish Airline Won't Fly On New Year's Day
7/12/99 Russia Lagging On Y2K Fixes
7/09/99 France Telecom Y2K Ready
7/07/99 Alberta's Power Ready For 2000
7/07/99 Small Business In Chicago Lagging
7/07/99 Mid America Power Y2K Ready
7/06/99 British Airways Y2K Ready
7/1/99 California's Electricity Y2K Ready
7/1/99 FAA Believes Its Met Y2K Deadline

6/28/99 Y2K Bug Still Threatens UK
6/25/99 Russia Needs To Wake Up To Y2K
6/23/99 Y2K Bug Centerpiece Of Worldwide Conference
6/22/99 U.S. Likes Y2K World Outlook
6/21/99 Insurers Could Pay $35 Billion In Y2K Costs
6/18/99 Senate Passes Y2K Lawsuit Bill
6/18/99 Y2K Bug May Lead to Prison Releases
6/14/99 Banks Pass Y2K Bug Test
6/10/99 Senate Rejects Y2K Liability Limits
6/10/99 Britain Attacks Public's Y2K Fears
6/09/99 Software Lobbyists Want "Y2K Act" To Pass
6/08/99 EU Worried About Former Soviet Nuke Plants
6/07/99 Banks Beating Y2K Bug With Help
6/04/99 Travel Insurance Won't Protect Y2K Bug
6/04/99 Don't Panic Says Fed Official
6/01/99 Y2K Won't Drain Individual Wallets

5/31/99 Ohio's Big Airports Will Be Y2K Ready
5/26/99 Small Businesses Improving On Y2K
5/25/99 Gov't Y2K Chief Announces New Campaign
5/24/99 Small Business Far From Y2K Compliance
5/19/99 Y2K Lawsuit Bill Stalls In Senate
5/19/99 N.J. Is Y2K OK
5/19/99 Russia Still Unprepared for Y2K
5/18/99 British Emergency Services Soft On Y2K
5/17/99 Costs Of Y2K Bug Over $3-Trillion
5/13/99 Y2K Lawsuits Limited By A Plan Approved By U.S. House
5/10/99 Chunnel To Close on New Year's Eve
5/10/99 U.S. FAA Chief Makes Y2K Plane Reservation
5/07/99 GAO Says Y2K Costs Not Being Tracked
5/06/99 Two-Thirds of Kiwis Prepare For Y2K
5/06/99 Airlines May Be Banned From Australia Over Y2K
5/04/99 French Nuclear Plants In Y2K Jeopardy
5/04/99 Taiwan Military Y2K Ready
5/03/99 British Health Workers Threaten Y2K Strike
5/03/99 Australian Fliers Still Bugged By Y2K

4/30/99 Wall Street Says It's Y2K Ready
4/28/99 Chernobyl Faces Y2K Bug Problem
4/28/99 Senate Debates Y2K Lawsuits Limits
4/28/99 Big Canadian Firms Expect To Be Y2K-Ready
4/27/99 Singapore Port to Stop on New Year's Eve
4/23/99 Y2K Suits Threaten French Stores
4/23/99 White House Releases Latest Y2K Report
4/22/99 Y2K OK In Germany
4/22/99 Canadian Armored Cars Y2K Cash Run
4/20/99 Y2K Bug Will Hit Early
4/19/99 Y2K Bug New Pest For Farmers
4/19/99 China Short On Y2K Funds
4/16/99 Y2K May Burden Defense Department
4/15/99 Tips to Prepare for 2000 Scams
4/14/99 Insurance Hike For Russian Airlines
4/14/99 Nasdaq Says It's Y2K Ready
4/13/99 FAA Flies Through Y2K Test
4/13/99 Chicago Infrastructure Y2K Ready
4/09/99 Mass. Utilities To Be Y2K Ready By June 30
4/09/99 No Fly Y2K is Bogus says Qantas
4/06/99 Y2K Spoiling Vacations
4/06/99 Apocalyptic Books Are Big Sellers
4/02/99 Hospitals Ready for Y2K
4/01/99 Y2K Fears Create Holidays In South Africa

3/31/99 Key U.S. Agencies Miss Y2K Deadline
3/31/99 U.S. Phone System Looks Ready For Y2K
3/31/99 Qantas Flights Trimmed Because of Y2K
3/30/99 China Skies Y2K Bug Free
3/30/99 Canada's Air Traffic Y2K OK
3/30/99 NFL Changing Travel Due To Y2K
3/29/99 Australian Execs Canceling Y2K Holidays
3/26/99 Y2K Bug Lawsuit Bill Clears Senate Panel
3/25/99 Mellon Bank to Open on New Year's
3/24/99 Congress Offers Y2K Help
3/24/99 Feds Offer Banks Y2K Help
3/24/99 IBM Sees $575 Million Y2K Spending
3/22/99 Y2K Bug Fears Are Eased
3/22/99 British Regulators May Close Firms
3/19/99 England Wiping Out Y2K Bug
3/16/99 U.S. Chemical Plants Threatened by Y2K
3/16/99 EU Markets May Close on New Year's Eve
3/11/99 Russia Facing Y2K Energy Crisis
3/09/99 Wall Street Tests for Y2K Bug
3/08/99 Y2K Problems with Japanese Satellite
3/08/99 New Year's Eve Dare in New Zealand, Australia
3/08/99 Full U.S. Senate Y2K Report
3/05/99 Chicago's O'Hare Airport Will Be Ready
3/04/99 Worldwide Phone Service OK
3/02/99 China Stocks Subject to Y2K Test
3/02/99 Senators Predict Year 2000 Disruptions
3/01/99 States Preparing for Y2K Lawsuits
3/01/99 Arab States Not Ready For Y2K Bug

2/26/99 SEC Puts Y2K Database on Web
2/26/99 Ten Steps for Managing Y2K Anxiety
2/24/99 Australian Power Agency Warns Customers
2/24/99 Greenspan Addresses Y2K Rush on Cash
2/23/99 Feds Barely Passing Y2K Report Card
2/23/99 Rubik Cube Whiz Kid Solves Y2K Bug
2/22/99 Washington DC Not Prepared for Y2K
2/22/99 No New Year's Vacations in Michigan
2/22/99 U.S., Russian Experts Fight Y2K Bug
2/18/99 Thailand to Print More Money
2/17/99 Italy Target of Y2K Concerns
2/17/99 Australia Launches Y2K PR Campaign
2/17/99 Travel Industry Passes Y2K Test
2/16/99 Feds Hamper Y2K Drug Stockpiling
2/16/99 Japan Threatens Y2K Do-Nothings
2/15/99 S&P; firms ready to fight Y2K
2/05/99 Apple Bets on Y2K during Super Bowl

1/28/99 Ziff-Davis sponsors millennium conference series
1/25/99 Federal Y2K update
1/22/99 Survey finds firms gearing up for Y2K
1/22/99 Australian Y2K bug survey results announced
1/21/99 Swiss banks test for year 2000 bug
1/21/99 U.S. Y2K czar says government will be ok
1/21/99 Chinese scientists to define millennium beginning
1/20/99 Britain's business not well prepared for Y2K
1/19/99 British and Canadian police prepare for Y2K
1/19/99 Millennium bug bites Swiss hospital
1/19/99 Russia facing massive millennium bug problem
1/19/99 Where will Y2K prognosticators be?
1/18/99 Airline bosses in China forced to fly New Year's
1/18/99 Pentagon says it will be ready for 2000
1/18/99 Italy way behind with Y2K fixes
1/13/99 Millennium bug strikes Canadian university early
1/12/99 IRS opens web site for Y2K taxpayer alerts
1/12/99 Utilities say Y2K will have minimal impact
1/11/99 Y2K: An action plan for January 1, 2000
1/11/99 New poll shows growing public concern over Y2K
1/11/99 New Zealand first to greet millennium bug
1/08/99 U.S. unveils toll-free Y2K information line
1/08/99 U.S. government passes first Y2K test
1/06/99 New poll says Americans planning for Y2K glitches
1/06/99 More Y2K glitches reported
1/05/99 Y2K bug hits taxis in Singapore and Sweden
1/05/99 Small firms address Y2K bug
1/04/99 OnMark 2000 named to Crossroads 99 A-List

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