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12/31/99 Year of Dragon Celebrated
12/31/99 U.S. Sub Celebrates On Dateline
12/31/99 U.S Territory Enters Year 2000
12/31/99 Party and Prayer in Japan
12/28/99 Monumental D.C. Debate
12/28/99 CNN's Live Worldwide Coverage
12/24/99 Very Unique Party in Greece
12/23/99 Seattle's Fire Celebration Up in Smoke
12/23/99 Family Festivities Big in Ohio
12/23/99 Millennium Powwow Instead of Party
12/21/99 Big Bangs in Store for Sydney
12/20/99 Unusual Millennium Parties Planned
12/17/99 Extravagant White House Party
12/17/99 Branson Party a Bust
12/16/99 Teens Worldwide Share New Year Together
12/16/99 Worldwide Work Party
12/7/99 Eiffel Tower Extravaganza
12/1/99 Calgary's Family Friendly Party
11/30/99 Millennium Martini Stirs up Controversy
11/30/99 First act of Civil Disobedience this New Year
11/30/99 Y2Play on Game Show Network
11/29/99 Dropping The Walleye on New Year's Eve
11/24/99 Celebration 2000 Canceled
11/19/99 Streisand Doing Two Shows
11/15/99 Two Celebrations Cancelled in San Francisco
11/11/99 Seattle Fired Up for Year 2000
11/8/99 Universal Studios Millennium Bash
11/3/99 London's New Year Party Gets Even Brighter
10/21/99 Pennsylvania's Traditions Underscore NYE
10/19/99 Austin's Driskill A Double Event
10/19/99 London Boasts Biggest Millennium Bash
10/19/99 Family is the Focus of Portland's Party
10/4/99 Families Fun in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach
10/1/99 Celebrate LA2000
9/30/99 Lavish Millennium Parties In Tokyo
9/29/99 Egypt Planning Huge Pyramid Show
9/27/99 Durban South Africa Planning Carnival
9/23/99 Boston Planning Two Countdowns
9/23/99 Albany Will Wrap-up Before Midnight
9/22/99 New Year's in World's Ten Biggest Cities
9/17/99 Toronto Year 2000 Plans
9/16/99 Phoenix Staging Various NYE parties
9/14/99 A Mellow New Year's Eve in Berkeley
9/14/99 Northern Ireland Lights Up

9/01/99 Nigeria's Events Include A Millennium Dome

8/27/99 US Planning National Millennium Party
8/27/99 Las Vegas Vying For World Spotlight
8/26/99 Akron Planning Popular First Night
8/25/99 Britain Beacons to Brighten Millennium Sky
8/24/99 Y2K Concerns Delay Florida City Celebrations
8/24/99 Y2K Concerns Cancel Floating Celebration
8/19/99 Unusual New Year's Eve in Taos
8/13/99 Phish's Three-Day New Year's Eve Party
8/13/99 $4-Million Party Planned for Melbourne
8/12/99 Fantasia 2000 Premieres New Year's Eve
8/09/99 Partying With Camels And Pyramids
8/05/99 10,000 Chinese To Make 10,000-Foot Dragon
8/05/99 Gisborne Expects 6-times Population On NYE
8/03/99 World Record Bell Ring On New Year's Eve
8/02/99 Atlanta Scaling Back Millennium Events
8/02/99 Philadelphia Planning 24 Events In 24 Hours

7/29/99 Los Angeles Joining First Night Parties
7/28/99 Huge Crowds Expected In New Zealand
7/27/99 "River of Fire" Highlights London 2000
7/27/99 Drumming 2000 Offers Millennium Harmony
7/27/99 LA 2000 Tickets Go On Sale
7/23/99 Uniquely Maine Millennium in Lubec
7/21/99 Millennium Expedition Retraces Steps of Explorer
7/20/99 Somoa The Last Place To See 1999
7/09/99 Johannesburg Party Plans in South Africa
7/06/99 Sydney Claiming Biggest NYE Fireworks Show

6/22/99 Anchorage Lays Out Party Plans
6/21/99 Aretha Franklin to Perform for Pope
6/17/99 Osmond's Spending New Year's In Branson
6/17/99 Sydney Buildings Light Up New Year' Eve
6/17/99 Most People Undecided About New Year's
6/15/99 Buffett's Parotheads To Party In LA
6/15/99 Puffy's New Year's Date In Miami
6/14/99 First U.S. 2000 Party In Virgin Islands
6/11/99 Michael Jackson Confirms Sydney Venue
6/09/99 Liza Minnelli May Do 2 Shows - 2 Continents
6/08/99 Iceberg Brought In For Early Y2K Party
6/07/99 Chicago New Year's Eve Goes Worldwide
6/07/99 Phish May Hold Florida New Year's Festival
6/04/99 Travolta And Streisand On New Year's Date?
6/02/99 Los Angeles Still Planning New Year's Eve
6/02/99 Arizona City Planning "I Survived Y2K" Party
6/01/99 Sydney 2000 Olympic Tickets On Sale

5/27/99 Diamond Head Centerpiece Of Hawaii 2000
5/25/99 San Francisco Behind in New Year's Planning
5/19/99 No-Booze Bash For Eric Clapton
5/18/99 Arizona Revelers Will Pay To Party
5/18/99 'N Sync Set For New Year's Eve
5/18/99 Chatham's Hosting First Millennium Golf
5/10/99 Eagles Reunite (Again) For New Year's Eve
5/06/99 Ohio May Join Millennium Lottery
5/06/99 Gloria Estefan's Hometown New Year's Plans
5/04/99 Sting, Aretha, Andrea Set Millennium Plans
5/03/99 Big Ticket In Big Apple is Big Bucks

4/30/99 Great Barrier Reef Year 2000 Canceled
4/29/99 Streisand To Sing New Year's Eve
4/29/99 Rod Stewart Hits Vegas New Year's Eve
4/28/99 Belfast Plans For 2000 Party
4/26/99 Durban South African Events Announced
4/13/99 Egypt's Pyramid Celebrations
4/13/99 Parton, Charles, Foxworthy and Wariner's NYE Plans
4/12/99 Maryland gears up for Celebration 2000

3/29/99 Christchurch New Year's Eve Bash
3/26/99 Party 2000 May Be Cancelled
3/26/99 Washington DC Party Plans
3/26/99 Washington DC Hotel Plans
3/23/99 Metallica, Ted Nugent New Year's Plans
3/22/99 South African Festival Set
3/22/99 Eagles, Browne, Buffett Y2K Plans
3/22/99 Philadelphia New Year's Eve Plan
3/17/99 Elton John, Tina Turner in Las Vegas

2/19/99 Boston Announces Millennial Plans
2/19/99 "Moments Until Midnight" Tours
2/19/99 Ottawa's Party of the Millennium
2/18/99 London Planning Big Laser Show
2/15/99 David Bowie Headlines First Millennium Concert
2/15/99 Anchorage 2000 Events Take Shape
2/05/99 Portland 2000 party plans being made

1/29/99 Singapore continues 2000 plans
1/26/99 Italy celebrates the millennium
1/25/99 Atlanta millennium offer big dreams
1/19/99 Snow buffs invited to greet 2000
1/19/99 Minneapolis plans $8 million celebration
1/11/99 Island of Guam still has rooms available
1/11/99 Paris moving forward on millennium celebrations
1/11/99 San Diego Marathon 2000
1/05/99 Getting set for 2000 with one year to go
1/04/99 Phoenix is making plans for a big party
1/04/99 Horse race first sporting event of 2000
1/01/99 Sydney fireworks will double next year

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