Fitness Trends for 2000

Exercising for women takes on a new look for the new century

It may be the world’s most popular New Year's resolution. Getting in shape is a goal for millions of people, and what better time to start than the beginning of the year, or in this case, the beginning of a new millennium. However, remember it is the 2000’s now and the old exercises of the 20th century are out.

You might want to take a spinning class, put on some boxing gloves or get in a "pilates" class. That’s the look of fitness for the year 2000 according to some women fitness experts.

Jane Fonda tapes, aerobic classes and high-impact repetitive programs are losing ground to more progressive all-around exercise. The trend in the year 2000 is expected to go toward strengthening the mind as well as the body.

Its part of a drive toward creating a balanced workout, according to Oxygen's January/February issue, which ''uncovers'' the latest trends in exercise.

The women's muscle magazine goes on to say that the upcoming trends in exercise will fall into two areas: very intense training and mind/body relaxation. "Pilates" falls into the mind/body category. It is a new stretching and strengthening program which is suppose to burn body fat and tone muscles. It’s a yoga like exercise that some say will be the first exercise trend of the 21st century.

In the intense training area, fitness clubs nationwide are starting a new exercise class that is gaining in popularity –spinning. It’s a class full of stationary bikes with one leader getting everyone moving to music at the same speed and pace.

There is also an increase in the use of barbells in a group setting many times called "BodyPump" classes. A surge in strength training, especially among women who are feeling more comfortable in the weight room. Kickboxing is another intense exercise sport that more and more women are finding they enjoy even more than aerobic workouts.

So toss out that Jane Fonda workout videotape, but on your boxing gloves and start "spinning" your way to a new healthier and fit you –after all it is the 21st century.

Source: The Toronto Star

DATE: 1/12/2000

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