Millennium Baby Boom

Hospitals prepare for end of the year baby delivery rush

The stores will soon be crowded with Christmas shoppers and end-of-year shoppers looking for that perfect New Year’s Eve wardrobe. As it turns out its not just stores that will be crowded, hospitals are getting ready for a rush of their own, a baby boom.

Quite a few moms-to-be decided to try to get pregnant just at the right time for a Millennium baby. Not all the attempts were successful. Some women will deliver early, some later, but all will have their bundle of joy around the same time which means maternity wards will be booming with business.

Hospitals are anticipating a full house from the beginning of December through January 2000. While most people will be ringing in the New Year with a toast of champagne, the hospitals will be celebrating with the cry of newborns.

It’s easy to see why the hospitals are expecting such a crowd this year. Just look at the Evertything2 Millenni-moms. Hundreds of expecting women from all over the world are planning to celebrate the New Year with a new addition to the family. If you read the women’s stories you will see some planned the event, for many more it was just a delightful surprise.

In one New Hampshire hospital the staff is expecting to see a 30 to 40 percent increase in their delivery room business near the end of the year. The Parkland Medical Center also asked for the business, they are putting together a prize package for the first baby of 2000. Most other hospitals are expecting a 15 to 20 percent increase in the number of baby deliveries.

If you are wondering just what date these women needed to conceive their child to have the baby right on the New Year, the lucky date was April 9, 1999. Several radio stations across the country had contests for women to try and get pregnant on that day and some were even successful. Others may have been able to conceive on just the right day, but that doesn’t mean they will actually deliver on New Year’s Eve babies have a way of picking their own date of birth.

There’s one item we have missed in all of this. Many expecting women aren’t looking for a millennium baby, they are thinking of a tax deduction. Delivering by December 31 is always a consideration, and hospitals prepare for the end-of-the-year rush to deliver every year.

DATE: 11/18/99

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