New Year Gourmet Dinner Delivery

New Year's Eve gourmet dinner delivered to your home, no cooking and no crowds

By Karen Shomo

How about a six-course dinner for New Year’s Eve? Sounds great, but you don’t want to leave home. What if you didn’t have to go out in the cold and didn’t have to cook, but still could enjoy a four star dinner. That may sound like a holiday to remember. Millennium meals are yours to buy for this New Year’s Eve courtesy of Le Chef Mobile.

A New England gourmet chef is cooking up New Year meals and shipping them to your doorstep. Pop open your own millenni um champagne and toast the New Year in the comfort of your home without having to do the cooking.

Le Chef Mobile is the brainstorm of Chef Pierre Jenatton, who has been offering a mobile chef service since 1985. Chef Pierre usually cooks at customer’s homes. He brings everything he needs to serve you as if in a restaurant, but at home. This year he’s taking his service in a different direction and serving millennium meals.

Chef Pierre will cook up your meal, ship it to your home, and you’re ready for a cozy, elegant New Year celebration with your loved ones. It’s a six-course meal without the hassle of grocery shopping, but you do get to pick your menu.

"There is a whole new trend in personal chefs which is distinguished from a catering, because you can be a guest at your own party and transform your home into your favorite restaurant" says Jeanine Buckley, marketing director for Le Chef Mobile.

Le Chef Mobile is based in Boston and for now will be servicing the New England area. This includes All of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and most of New York. Buckley says it’s a new idea, and depending on the response the shipping area may be expanded.

The food will be packed in dry ice and all you have to do is heat it up. You don’t even have to tell your guests or your family that someone else did the cooking. It’s up to you!

So what’s on the menu this New Year’s Eve? There are two six-course New Year’s Eve meals available, and they will soon be listed on the companies web site. We’ll give you a sneak preview though. How does Maine Lobster Bisque with Champagne sound, or maybe a little Sevruga Caviar this New Year? There’s Lobster Mornay au Gratin or Grilled Quails, Australian Rack of Lamb with Peppercorn Crust and Sauce Bordelaise or Atlantic Swordfish with a Pinot Noir Sauce. Exquisite homemade dessert comes with dinner, of course!

The prepared dinner will cost about $100 per person, and up to $200 depending on your menu choices. There are no minimum guest requirements.

"No crazy drivers to contend with, no exorbitant prices, no packed restaurants, just an unbelievable menu with your closest friends to create a lasting memory of how you celebrated in style" said Buckley.

For information on ordering your millennium meal you can call Le Chef Mobile at 1-617-734-5385 or log on to their web site and order directly from it Orders need to be in by December 15.

DATE: 11/10/99

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