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CDNow promotion offers 66 Top 10 lists of musical millennium

CDNOW has announced the launch of Millennium 2000, a complete resource that gives music lovers a look at the best of music from the last 1000 years. This special event celebrates the Millennium with an engaging series of 66 Top 10 lists, 26 of which serve as essential genre guides and 40 of which explore creative themes of the musical Millennium.

Also included are articles that look back at music from its early stages through today, with a focus on the last 100 years, and a variety of fun and interactive features, including a real-time Millennium poll that allows visitors to vote for their favorite artist of the Millennium.

CDNOW's Millennium 2000 Features -- Top 10 Lists: CDNOW's ( editorial team focuses its approach on two different series of Top 10 lists. All of the following lists are accompanied by an introductory article and an explanation of each item on each list:

-- Today's Top 10s: Each day, the Millennium 2000 page will be updated with a fresh Top 10 list that creatively explores a different theme of the musical Millennium. "The Best Love Songs," "Modern Music Revolutionaries," "The Best Drug Songs," "The Most Distinctive Vocalists," "One-Hit Wonders," "The Best Politically Persecuted Artists," and "The Best Songs About Death" are just some examples.

-- All-Time Top 10s: A series of 26 lists that serve as essential album guides to the important genres of the Millennium, including "The Essential Rock Albums," "The Essential Reggae Albums," and six different periods of classical music.

-- Millennium Movies: Additionally, CDNOW highlights the top movies of the century in a Millennium Movie section, which includes categories such as "Top 10 Disaster Films," "Top 10 Pop Culture Films," and "Top 10 Music Movies."

-- Poll/Sweepstakes: The CDNOW Millennium 2000 Poll/Sweepstakes gives visitors a fun, interactive opportunity to vote for their favorite artist of the millennium and enter to win a Grand Prize Oldsmobile Alero GLS filled with 150 CDs (sweepstakes will launch the week of October 11th). Total Grand Prize value is $25,250. Visitors can track poll results in real time to see how their favorite artist is faring amongst the competition. Additional prizes include Millennium music collections, DVD players, keyboards and more. No purchase is necessary to enter. The sweepstakes will run until January 5, 2000. After October 11th, visitors can go to for more details and complete sweeps rules.

Source: CDNOW Press Release

DATE: 10/7/99

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