Celebrity ZZZ's for Y2K

Mattress manuafactuer polls notables on where they will sleep on New Year's Eve

Sealy, Inc., the world's largest mattress manufacturer, asked famous and not so famous people where they planned to spend the first night of the Year 2000. According to a company press release, here's what they had to say:

Julie Foudy, co-captain, Women's World Cup Champion U.S. soccer team:  "I plan to stay up all night!"

Bryan M. McGuire, general manager, "21" Club:  "Whatever ZZZs we'll be getting will follow a long night of celebrating.  In addition to the New Millennium, we're celebrating our anniversary at 21 West 52nd St. in New York. We lost the lease at our former location on West 29th Street, so on December 31, 1929, customers and guests literally picked up tables, chairs and iron gates and moved to 52nd Street -- 70 years ago this New Year's Eve."

Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous:  "I won't be sleeping at all that night, but I'll be at my house in Jumby Bay, Antigua."

Kathy Ireland, lifestyle designer and mom:  "My husband Greg and I will spend that night in our new bedroom furniture, which I designed last year, that is to be delivered on New Year's Eve."

Peter Greenberg, travel editor, Today show:  "I'll be rolling gently at sea in Fiji near the International Dateline on a 120-foot sailboat.  Who knows, being that close to the International Dateline, I might get to sleep twice in the same day!"

Tracy Reid of the WNBA's Charlotte Sting:  "My idea of a perfect evening is a horror movie and a bowl of popcorn.  This New Year's, I'll whip up a bag of microwave popcorn, throw in a copy of 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' or 'Bloody New Year' and curl up with my comforter on my Sealy mattress to ring in the new Millennium."

Nicole Miller, fashion designer:  "Not in Times Square, not in Vegas, not in Rio, not at the Eiffel Tower and definitely not flying on a plane from Australia to Hawaii to celebrate two Millenniums."

Jenny Thompson, five-time Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming:  "I'll be relaxing standing up because I plan to be out all night!"

Marc Bouwer, eveningwear designer to the stars:  "I will be sleeping in a room devoid of any electronic devices.  Y2K?  No thank you!"

Phil McConkey, New York Giants Superbowl champion: "I plan to be sleeping with 3 on a fast break."

SOURCE: Sealy Press Release

DATE: 12/2/99

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

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