Cyber Human Chain

Search for peace and reunification in Korea sought over Internet

Negotiations and diplomacy haven’t worked, so a group looking to find reunification and peace in Korea, is hoping the Internet will solve the country’s issues.

A "cyber human chain" is being built over the Internet for the next two months as part of a millennium celebration. People who click on to the web site of the Headquarters of the Cyber Human Chain Movement will see a design symbolizing a human chain on their computer screen. The effect is to represent that the human chain gets connected step by step as the clicks accumulate.

Participants are also asked to post peace messages on the Internet site. The hope is that the peaceful movement on the web site will draw the attention of the international society to the earnest desire of the people for peace and reunification in Korea.

After World War II Korea was divided into two countries by the occupation forces. The country then suffered through the Korean War, and many families were split up. Since the German reunification in 1990, Korea has remained as the only one divided nation in the 20th century.

The Christian Broadcasting System in Korea supervises the cyber human chain, and sponsors include the Presidential Commission for the New Millennium and The Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation.

The web site is up and running and will operate through January 31, 2000. In that time, the peace movement is hoping to get 10 million people to log on. The group is also looking for clubs, organizations and other citizens’ movements to enter the emblem of the Cyber Human Chain on their computer screens.

Once you have logged on to the Internet site you can post a message or read messages from other people. You can also read about how the Korean peninsula was divided into two parts and take a look at past movements for peaceful reunification.

DATE: 12/9/99

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