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Dumbest Boss of the Millennium Contest

Dumbest Boss of the Millennium Contest. Person who submits funniest story about their boss wins $1000.

If you think your boss needs recognition deserving to the title "The Dumbest Boss of the Millennium", then Claude Carter wants to hear from you. Carter is creator of the Web site and is seeking submissions for the Dumbest Boss of the Millennium Contest. The person who tells the funniest story gets $1,000, but it won't be easy.

Every week, Carter receives about 150 tales of woe from workers around the world ragging on their bosses, according to the Associated Press.

Visitors to the Web site, which posts new horror stories every Monday, can vote for the century's dumbest manager. One winner will be picked each week of the contest's run, and then Web site visitors will choose the worst five stories from the weekly winners. All submissions and the identity of their bosses remain anonymous.

One recent submission went like this: "My company conducted a salary review and then raised the pay scale for my level. I immediately met with my boss because my current salary was below the new minimum. To fix it, he reduced my level."

And another, describing what happened after a company closed its first big deal: "To celebrate an excellent ‘team effort,’ our boss called a meeting in the conference room and ordered two bottles of Dom Perignon to share with everyone. When the room was quiet, he raised his hand to signal a toast. He said, ‘Here’s to me.’"

Carter reportedly says the site, which he started in 1996, sees 100,000 Web surfers from 70 countries each week. Carter — whose own experiences with dumb bosses, gave him the idea for the Web site says he started the site because "there's a large number of people out there who work for blockheads."

Source: Associated Press

DATE: 10/1/99

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