Films Instead of Fireworks

Smokey fireworks displays send some indoors this New Year’s Eve

How about ringing in the New Year watching the latest flicks, not fireworks. In Hawaii it’s a real possibility for thousands who suffer when the smoke gets too thick.

The American Lung Association of Hawaii is getting creative this New Year, in hopes of helping many residents find a safe place to celebrate. Last New Year’s eve a dense fog covered many Hawaii communities and caused a health hazard to those who have lung ailments. The numbers speak for themselves; there are 200,000 people in Hawaii who suffers from some form of lung problem.

The association is now looking for a movie theater to hold a movie marathon party and to keep people inside. The campaign is titled "Safe Haven 2000" and it is underway.

Right now, sponsors are seeing if there is enough demand to rent a large movie theater for people seeking refuge from the smoke. Those who decide to participate would pay one cover charge and watch movies all night long.

Last year, New Year’s Eve fireworks created a dense fog that covered many Hawaiian communities and that caused some problems for people with lung problems. This year Hawaii officials expect even more smoke because more fireworks’ celebrations are scheduled because of the Year 2000.

The reaction to the movie plan has been mixed so far. One Hawaiian resident who is over 80 thinks it’s a good idea especially since this year’s celebration will really bring out the fireworks. One woman from St. Louis Heights, Louisa Lindow, has chronic bronchitis and likes the lung association proposal but won’t take part. Lindow says she will just stay inside her house that way she can stay away from the smoke and her pets will have some company.

Source: Honolulu Star Bulletin

DATE: 11/2/99

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

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