Interior Decorating Trends of 2000

Sleek, tailored and streamlined will be the look of the 21st century

(Everything2000) It’s time to conquer the clutter and tidy-up. The 21st century has arrived and the decorating trend of today is tailored, sleek and streamlined.

We are going to see the interior of homes taking on a different look, a more sophisticated look. Trend watchers from Canadian House & Home magazine call it "controlled order."

The excess of the 80’s gave way to the casual look of the 90’s and now its time to straighten everything up. In other words, get rid of all that clutter and get organized the year 2000 is here.

''The first decade of the new millennium will be about anti-clutter,'' editor Cobi Ladner told a recent standing-room only insider/designer breakfast at Toronto's Sutton Place Hotel. ''People will start to decorate their homes with a nod to neatness and self-discipline.''

Organized may sound boring, but that’s not what fashion-conscious designers are looking at. The ultra-contemporary look can include some of today’s furniture also. Things like mirrored furnishings, ornate chandeliers and patterned carpets will soften the contemporary look and keep the room interesting.

It’s not always out with the old and in with the new. Furnishings can include a little of both especially when it comes to accessories.

Overstuffed is out and boxy is in when it comes to sofas. Ottomans are smaller and sleeker with only a little upholstery not the fluffy, soft kind we find in living rooms today.

Some of the biggest changes coming in the year 2000 will come to your bedrooms and bathrooms. The bathroom look will be more inventive using stainless steel, raised sinks and all-over tiles. Bath products in colored bottles will be used to add color to the popular metallic look. Vinyl floors, painted walls and standard fixtures will be out.

The bedroom is going to get a softer look this year. Designers say they want the room to give off more of a sanctuary feeling. One way to get that softer look: velvet upholstery and padded headboards are expected to grow in popularity. Silk and velvet will be the fabrics of choice when decorating bedrooms.

As for color- white, nutmeg and lilac are in. The color of choice-warm gray. It was chosen as "the" color to use by dozens of designers worldwide.

In other words, get rid of stuff and stuffing. Make room for sleek and stark in the houses of the 21st century.

Source: The Ottawa Citizen

DATE: 1/11/2000

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