Marx Voted Millennium's Greatest Thinker

Father of communism outpaces Einstein in online BBC poll

A British based poll has some heads turning when it comes to who is the "greatest thinker of the millennium". Respondents to an online BBC poll voted for the architect of communism Karl Marx.

The German-born Marx, who died in 1883, pushed the father of relativity Albert Einstein into second place. Einstein had been the frontrunner through much of September, but as the last few votes were counted, Marx edged ahead.

It was Marx's thinking that led to the revolution in Russia. His Communist Manifesto of 1848 invited the working man to cast off his chains and ditch the bosses. According to the BBC, voters were guided by the opinions of two experts - Roger Scruton, who opted for Thomas Aquinas and did not rank Marx in his top ten, and Edward de Bono, who favored William James and placed Marx at five.

The only living entrant on the all-male list is Professor Stephen Hawking, the acclaimed physicist who turned complex scientific issues into a bestseller with A Brief History Of Time.

It is the ninth News Online poll this year. Other winners have included Sir Paul McCartney as the greatest composer and William Shakespeare as the greatest writer of the past 1,000 years.

The top ten thinkers: 1 Karl Marx, 2 Albert Einstein, 3 Sir Isaac Newton, 4 Charles Darwin, 5 Sir Thomas Aquinas, 6 Stephen Hawking, 7 Immanuel Kant, 8 Rene Descartes, 9 James Clerk Maxwell, 10 Friedrich Nietzsche.

Source: BBC

DATE: 10/6/99

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