Musical Memories from New Year's Eve

A look at how midnight rang in concert stages around the U.S.

With the Y2K bug behind us, and New Year celebrations worldwide over and done, we wanted to take a look at how concerts around the world rang in the New Year. Just what happened at concerts at midnight? We have the scoop from around the nation, and will share with details with you.

One of the biggest and most expensive concerts took place in Las Vegas. Barbara Streisand kicked off Year 2000 at the MGM Grand. With a crowd of 10,000 who paid up to $2,500 for the rare live event, Barbara put on a three-hour show. The show featured intimate family memories including video clips from home movies of her son Jason. Babs' husband James Brolin sat in the first row and during the two-minute countdown to midnight Brolin was summoned to the stage to ring in the New Year with his wife.

In Phoenix, Arizona at the America West Arena Ashley Judd put on a family show. Her mother and sister were reunited onstage and they sang and danced together for 31/2 hours. The long-awaited return of The Judds failed to sell out the Arena, but the show went on as scheduled. Included in the show long videos on each of the three singers. At midnight confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling and the sisters held hands appealing for humanity to acknowledge that "we are all one."

In Los Angeles it was one of California's most influential bands, The Eagles played at the Staples Center. This was the group's only concert of 1999. The Eagles opened with "Hotel California" and performed for 3 _ hours ending with their first hit "Take It Easy". Opening for TheEagles, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne.

Gloria Estefan took center stage in her hometown of Miami, Florida. The show wasn't a sell-out, in fact only 8,500 seats of the 18,000 were sold by the time Estefan stepped on stage. At midnight glittering confetti and 28 bags of white balloons fell from the ceiling. After singing Auld Lang Syne Estefan's husband Emilio Estefan and son Nayib joined her on stage.

Lovebirds Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were nearly upstaged at their Nashville concert. When the stars were taking a bow for their award winning duet "It's Your Love" an audience member decided it was time to pop the question. Brian Young stole the attention of the audience by flashing a "Will You Marry Me?" sign in front of a video camera, then dropped to his knee and slipped a ring on the finger of his girlfriend, Patti Gleaton. Five minutes later it was midnight and lasers, balloons and champagne began flowing through the audience.

In New York it was a party for the MTV generation. Concerts from 98 Degrees, the Goo Goo Dolls, Christina Aguilera and more were performed at the studio, which overlooks Times Square. There was a group of invited guests and contest winners on hand, about 300 private guests in all. As the clock approached midnight, the crowd counted down the last 30 seconds in unison. Cameras flashed, couples kissed. And outside the studio windows, a blizzard of confetti rained onto the street below.

Source: Associated Press

DATE: 1/5/2000

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