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The Artist (Prince), 40-proof Beer and Alaska Airlines

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

Since the Artist formerly known as Prince wrote the song lyric "party like it's 1999", you have to wonder what his New Year's Plans might be. Well MTV News' Kurt Loder recently asked His Purple Highness if he had any plans for New Year's Eve.

The Artist told Loder that he will spend time reflecting on his life and work and loves. He said he's just been sort of preparing for a big party, but doesn't know where it's going to be. He says he's going to let everyone know when he knows, but he's always answering the question by saying, 'Hopefully I'll be in the light.'"

When Loder said "Time's getting short here, of course New Year's Eve is coming right up", the Artist replied, "I don't believe in time, Kurt." "Oh. What do you use instead?" Loder asked. The Artist responded, "the truth."

The Boston Beer Company will be auctioning off a brew so potent, the top bidder may not remember the once-in-lifetime change in millenniums it's designed to commemorate. The Boston-based brewery's C-E-O Jim Koch says that the first bottle of Sam Adams' Millennium Brew, which is 40-proof, will be auctioned off on Yahoo-dot-com November 15th, with bids starting at one-thousand-dollars. The money will be donated to the Colorado Outward Bound School, where Koch once taught. But anybody paying a thousand-bucks for a beer may not WANT to remember.

The skies over Seattle will be quieter on New Year's Eve. Alaska Airlines, which is based in Seattle, is reportedly canceling flights this New Year's Eve. But the carrier says it's NOT because of any Y-Two-K problems. K-N-W-X radio reports that airline officials say they are grounding flights between nine P-M December 31st and nine A-M January first because they can't completely book those flights. The airline insists its planes are Y-Two-K compliant and will be operating on a normal schedule after nine the morning of New Year's Day.

DATE: 11/1/99

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