Y2K Collectibles: Boom or Bust?

Time will decide which millennium souvenirs will be worth something

There are millennium Barbies. There are millennium Cheerios and Spaghetti O’s. Millennium memorabilia may turn into valuable items, but it is much too early to know which products to put away for safe keeping or which trinkets to toss.

Those who know all about collectibles and valuables say it’s a guessing game at best. However, there is one way to decide what to do with your Year 2000-champagne flute or scarf. Al Hoff, a trend watcher and author of Thrift Store, says keep what you like and will use, junk the rest of it.

Hoff said there is just no absolute formula for determining if a product is going to be a gold mine in the future. Many times it does turn out to be the stuff we tossed that is worth the most. Even so, Hoff says you just can’t keep everything around forever just hoping to make a fortune off it in the future.

Hoff himself put away some cans of year 2000 Spaghetti O’s-with 2’s added to the O’s. Hoff said he saved them because he liked them and that’s all.

Terry Kovel writes books on collectibles and along with her husband has some collecting tips but no crystal ball. Kovel thinks Christmas-tree ornaments might be a good bet to collect. She says 1999 and 2000 ornaments are still easy to find and in the future they will appeal to a large audience. She also suggests saving bells, candy containers, salt-and-pepper shakers, handkerchiefs and letter openers.

Kovel is only collecting textiles. Her big purchase a silk scarf with bells and "2000" emblazoned on it. She’s keeping it because she likes it and doesn’t plan to put it away in a drawer; she plans to wear it.

Millennium Princess Barbie is a good bet suggests Sharon Korbeck the editor of Warman's Today's Collector magazine.

"Barbies are hot, it's nicely done, it's her anniversary year. So Barbie's got everything going for her." Korbeck told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Barbie doll wraps up 1999 in a blue velvet gown overlaid with sparkling lace. Barbie also comes with a crystal ball, too bad it doesn’t predict the future of millennium collectibles.

Korbeck does say she is collecting millennium Cheerios. Not for the cereal-you can eat that, but for the box. She says the Cheerio box titled "Millenios" and it can double as a cardboard time capsule.

This way you can have your collectable and eat it too!

Source: The Orlando Sentinel

DATE: 1/12/2000

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