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New York Trends 2000 Full Story
Where New York goes, often the rest of the country will follow
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Home Trends 2000 Full Story
High-tech and geared to work and play a look at the home of the 21st century
Full story...

Wedding Dress Trends 2000 Full Story
Valentine brides looking to add a little color to their day
Full story...

Fitness Trends for 2000 Full Story
Exercising for women takes on a new look for the new century
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New Year Gourmet Dinner Delivery Full Story
New Year's Eve gourmet dinner delivered to your home, no cooking and no crowds
Full story...

Dressing Up-or Down-For New Year's Eve Full Story
Fashion looks to bring in the Year 2000
Full story...

A Millennium Party To Remember Full Story
Ideas from an Everything2000 contributor planning an extravagant gala
Full story...

Tips on Making A Millennium Time Capsule Full Story
Using new technology to record your personal history this New Year
Full story...

Inventions of the Millennium, a Top Ten List Full Story
Taking a look at the inventions that changed our lives in the past millennium
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Champagne Choices, Which One is Right? Full Story
Picking the proper cork to pop for the Year 2000
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Everything Counts 2000 Full Story
With less than 200 days from 2000, attitude is everything!
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Millennium Timeline Ultimate Sticker Book
By, Dorling Kindersley Publishers
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The Kids Guide to the Millennium
By, Ann Love, Illustrated by Bill Slavin
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Millennium Princess Barbie
By, Mattel
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What Will Man Accomplish in the Next 100 Years? Full Story
Not as much as women according to a millennium related survey

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Actuaries Make Year 2000 Predictions Full Story
National health plan unlikely, suicide rates rise, no big decline for Dow
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New Book on Millennial Predictions Full Story
World's most prominent people become amateur prognosticators
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Millennium's Top 10 Love Stories Full Story
Scholars list their favorite stories of the last 1000 years
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