Dressing Up-or Down-For New Year's Eve

Fashion looks to bring in the Year 2000

It’s a once in a lifetime party and a chance to wear something distinctive or different. Fashion editors are telling readers to think commemorative, think wild when shopping for your New Year’s Eve attire.

This year’s New Year's Eve party clothing ranges from silk and jewels to flannel pajamas. Whatever you decide to wear make it memorable, says the fashion editor from the San Francisco Chonicle, Trish Donnally. Years from now when people ask what you wore for the turn of the century, be proud of the answer says Donnally.

She is also encouraging people to think commemorative clothes such as homemade or heirloom quality.

If you’re not quite into making your own attire then here’s a look at what is selling this year. Evening separates are very big this year. Short velvet or beaded jackets with a swooshing ball skirt or with silk capri pants. Several designers are focusing on mix and match clothing. Taking a beaded sweater and putting it with sleek pants or a long skirt for instance.

Shine is in this New Year says Donnally, and anything that glistens, glimmers or shimmers will light up any party. Speaking of lighting up Neiman Marcus in San Francisco is selling designer sterling silver flashlights, just in case the Y2K bug comes to your party.

If dressing down is more your style there’s plenty of pj’s available. That’s right pajamas are big this year because many people have decided to stay home. One California company is preparing to ship 600 pairs of New Year pajamas to Florida for a private party. The hosts are giving them as favors and inviting guests to sleep over. You can even get fancy with pajamas, at PJ’s 2 Go the cost range from $75 for rayon to $600 for pashmina pj’s.

Another option, create something unique this New Year. Personalize your favorite dress or shirt with fabric paint or embroider it with symbols that reflect your life. It is the year to get crazy and be creative.

The bottom line in clothing this New Year, most anything goes and this is the year to show your style, and make your personal mark when ringing in the new millennium

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

DATE: 11/5/99

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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