Millennium Celebration Certificates
  • Museum quality printing (8" x 10")
  • Official Millennium 2000 Holographic Seal
  • Waterproof, tear-resistant paper
  • Your name prominently positioned
  • Signature line for guests
  • A collectible souvenir suitable for framing
  • Order now! Pricing ranges from $3.-$5.
  • Call (800) 549-1833 or click here for pricing
  • Visit our website:

Classic CertificateThe

New Age CertificateThe

Millennium MilestoneMillennium Milestone Certificate

Custom CertificateThe
Custom Certificate
         ( You provide the photo background! )

hether you're hosting your own private New Year's bash, a giant gala at a five star hotel, or you'd like to honor your company's employees...a Celebration of the Millennium Certificate will be a lasting keepsake.
Your name, business or party location are imprinted in a prominent position of honor.
These museum quality 8" x 10" certificates were created by award winning design John Widmer of Santa Barbara. They are printed on exquisite stock and feature a holographic full color seal that commemorates the Dawn of the Third Millennium.
For orders over 1,000 we can imprint your own custom photo as the background (see custom style page on our Website).
Visit our Website at to view all our designs. Click here for pricing and how to order. Or call Toll Free 1-800-549-1833.

Contact Information:
Slade Creative Marketing
P.O. Box 484
Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Toll Free: (800) 549-1833
Sales Manager: Dave Wilk (805) 688-8427
Facsimile: (805) 686-5657
Email: [email protected]

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