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Charter 2000 -- Representing hundreds of sailing vessels worldwide for charter at the end of 1999 -- What’s fun on the Internet? Internet Field Trips!

Travel/United States
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Millennium Show -- Fireworks Spectacular at the LA Coliseum

Casa Pacifica -- Vacation home package on Hawaii for Millennium

New York
Liberty Harbor Charters, Inc. -- New Millennium New Years Eve in New York Harbor

Nautical Cruise Lines, Inc. -- Riverboat in NY Harbor to ring in the New Millennium in NY Harbor

Boat Bash 2000 – Seattle, bring in the Millennium in style!

Rimrock Resort Hotel – Mystique in the Mountains, a Millennium Celebration

Baja Jones Adventure Travel -- Millennium whale watching trip to Laguna Ojo de Liebre.

Travel/Middle East
Holy Land Concepts – Our discount card will help you save money during your trip to Israel

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Maryland 2000 : EVENT - State's official site for their Millennium Commission, listing events sponsored by the state of Maryland
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Fiji 2000 Travel Package

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