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General Merchandise/Apparel
tee2000 -- Unique millennium party and philosophy tee shirts

Y2K Hats -- Hats and shirts that celebrate the work going on in the IT community

Dress for Armageddon

Clothes of the Century -- Humorous t-shirt designs to kick off the new millennium

Funny T-shirts – Millennium and Y2K t-shirts

Class of ’00 -- Imprinted sportswear for the student graduation in the Year 2000

Z Millennium -- Special products to help families celebrate not hibernate

Art 2000 -- Clothing, t-shirts, sweatshirts, refrigerator magnets with a commemorative seal

2000 T-Shirts -- Apparel for the New Millennium

Y2K?...Ywhokares! -- An original, unique, t-shirt with y who kares cartoon on back

The Millennium Club -- Millennium T-shirts and other accessories

Zirconium Millennium shop – Your source for year 10,000 compliant clothing!

It’s Good Products -- Ring in Millennium madness headfirst with this festive 2000 HeadHugger.

Millennium at 11:59 -- Everyone will be asking themselves "Where will I be at 11:59?"

General Merchandise/Countdown Clocks
Countdown Clocks International – Countdown to the Millennium… are you ready?

Sound Logic Research -- Countdown clocks for the Year 2000

LifeClock Corp. – The original Millennium Clock

General Merchandise/Countdown Sites
How to Survive the New Millennium – This site features daily quotations and free visitor services

General Merchandise/Candles
Loki Candle Co. -- Y2K light bulb candle complete with Y2K compliant light source

General Merchandise/Gifts
GreetingsThatGive.comGifts that give 5% of your purchase to a non-profit of your choice.

Flooz.comBetter than any gift certificate - Send Flooz now and get $10!

D.C. Creations – A "holidays" and "everydays" collectibles on-line catalog

Kustom Kards – Millennium bug buttons

Venture2000, LLC -- The World’s Most Unique Millennium Gift Item!

General Merchandise/Greeting Cards
2000 Greetings -- A personalized mailing service for the new millennium -- Choose paper greeting cards from your favorite card lines

General Merchandise/Original Art & Prints
Yesha is Here -- Prints from the heartland of Israel, gifts for the pilgrim before his journey in 2000

Charles´ART Millenium-Project –Original artwork dedicated to the spirit of the new millennium

General Merchandise/Souvenirs
Millennium Certificates -- Whether you're hosting your own private New Year's bash, a giant gala at a five star hotel, or you'd like to honor your company's employees...a Celebration of the Millennium Certificate will be a lasting keepsake.

General Merchandise/Sweets
Year 2K Bug -- Eat it while there’s still time… milk chocolate computer bug

General Merchandise/Time Capsules
The Millennium Chest -- Empower your descendants to remember you a 1000 years from now

General Merchandise/Toys
Jeff Brown's Millennium Bugsy and The Juneau What – News, views, and Millennium Bugsy doll

The Y2k Bug – Computer chip Y2K bugs and free Bug-O-Grams!

eToys – Millennium stuff for kids

General Merchandise/Watches
2001 Incorporated -- Wristwatch which flashes and chimes at midnight on the New Year

General Merchandise/Humor Zone
Y2K Survival Kit -- Gag gifts that contain everything you need to protect yourself!

Year 2000 Glow-in-the-Dark Glasses – "Glow" in these glasses at the stroke of midnight!

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Maryland 2000 : EVENT - State's official site for their Millennium Commission, listing events sponsored by the state of Maryland
kidd millennium : HUMOR - kidd millennium is the narcissistic rugrat who is the the self-proclaimed spokesperson for the next generation



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