• Information about some of the companies that find and repair the Y2K computer problem

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  • 21st Century Solutions Consulting
  • 3RD Millennium Consulting Consulting, 3MC-200 methodology, conversion services
  • A1Y2k test and fix Cure to y2k problems in all IBM related PC's
  • A Consulting Team, Inc. Consulting
  • Abaci Inc. Year 2000 services
  • ABT Corporation Consulting, Results Management 2000
  • Accelerated Solutions, Inc. Consulting
  • ACCUTE Year 2000 Solutions A software fix for the Year 2000 BIOS/clock problem in PC's
  • Accelr8 Technology Corporation Consulting, SOLUTION 2000 methodology, toolset UNIX, DEC VAX/VMS
  • Ackerman Consulting, Inc. Health Care Year 2000 Home Page
  • ACTS Corporation Consulting, conversion services, education services
  • ACTY sas Consulting: COBOL
  • Advanced Legacy Systems Consulting, conversion services, batch COBOL and CICS/VSAM
  • Advanced Logic Solutions, Inc. Consulting and conversion, AS/4000
  • Advanced Systems Applications & Products (ASAP) Conversion, AS/400
  • Advanced Technology Staffing Conversions, automated migration services
  • Aldon Computer Group Consulting, Workbench 2000, AS/400
  • Allegiant Group Year 2000 conversion, ADAPT/2000 tool, COBOL
  • AllisonRoss Corporation Year 2000 Date Processing for Unix
  • Alltel Consulting, Millennium ManagementSM services
  • Alverno Consulting Services Consulting, uses Venture 2000 Plus tool
  • Alydaar Software Corporation Year 2000 conversion services, Remediation for Most Languages and Platforms
  • Amdahl Corporation Year 2000 services, Amdahl TimeMachine 2000
  • American Enterprises Group Solutions to business and government entities
  • American Management Systems, Incorporated (AMS) Year 2000 services (Search on "Year 2000" to see examples)
  • AMS Group International, Corp. Year 2000 audit and litigation services
  • Analyst International Corporation Consulting services
  • Analysts International Corporation
  • Anstec, Inc. Consulting, methodology, toolset, conversion services
  • Answer Think (ACG) Consulting, Millennium|solutionsSM methodology and toolset
  • Anteon Corporation Consulting
  • AntiY2K Associates Consulting
  • Antrix Corporation Consulting, Gear 2000, Services methodology, offshore conversion
  • Apex Information Systems Consulting services
  • Applied Testing and Technology, Inc. Testing Services
  • ARCH Consulting Associates Consulting and conversion
  • Ascent Logic Corporation Consulting, Year 2000 Plus
  • Audit Serve, Inc. Consulting services
  • AuditForce Compliance assessments
  • Auditnet Y2K Resources for Auditors
  • Automation Associates Year 2000 Test Guide
  • Avatar Solutions, Inc. Consulting, Avatar2000 clear

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