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  • Pair a Dimes Consulting Consulting, Clipper/dBase/Xbase
  • Paragon Computer Professionals, Inc. Consulting, Odyssey 2000 Compliant Services´┐Ż testing methodology
  • Parallel Technologies Corporation (PTC) Consulting
  • Patuxent Group, Inc., The Consulting
  • Penta Inc. Consulting, Beyond 2000 services, AS/400
  • Pinnacle Decision Systems, Inc. Consulting, FOCUS Y2K methodology, PinnPoint tool, FOCUS
  • Pitney Bowes Software Systems
  • PKS Information Services, Inc. Year 2000 conversion services, Suite 2000 and Renovate 2000 tools
  • Platinum Y2K SolutionsConsulting, Plantinum Year 2000 methodology, tools, MVS, COBOL
  • Pleion Systems, Inc. Y2K Conversion from one location
  • PLP Consulting, uses Renovate 2000
  • Pointe Technology Group PC Date Corrector, from Pointe Technology Group, automatically identifies a date problem and writes the correct date to the BIOS, offering a solution to the Year 2000 PC BIOS problem that is less costly and labor intensive than BIOS / board replacements, and fixed solely through software.
  • Pointe Technology Group A web site is dedicated to providing information, resources, and help dedicated towards solving the Year-2K problem.
  • Potomac Business Solutions (PBS) Consulting, Solution 2000 methodology, tools
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