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  • Gartner Group The Desktop Year 2000 Action Plan
  • Gerry Meyers & Associates, Inc. Y2K Year 2000 audit services
  • Ginesys Corporation, The Consulting, Year 2000 (Y2K) Conversion Profiler (online analysis)
  • GO 2000
  • Goal/2000 Corporation
  • Godlan, Inc. Year 2000 programming, COBOL, WANG, manufacturing systems
  • Goldstein Golub Kessler & Company, P.C (CPAs)� Consulting
  • Government Micro Resources, Inc. (GMR) Consulting
  • GR Helm, Inc. (GRHI) Consulting
  • Grabush, Newman & Co., P.A.� Year 2000 facilitation
  • Grant Thorton LLP� Consulting
  • Greentree Group, The Consulting
  • GTE Data Services GTE 2000SM computer code renovation services
  • Guide Associates, Inc., The (TGA) Consulting, 2000-WON methodology
  • Harker, Inc. Year 2000 services
  • HCL James Martin, Inc. Consulting, Update2000� methodology