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  • Walker Interactive Systems Consulting, uses Viasoft's Enterprise 2000, client/server replacement services
  • Wallace B. Miller & Associates Consulting
  • Wang Government Services, Inc. Consulting, Wang Solution 2000, tools
  • Whitfield Software Services Year 2000 conversion
  • Wincap Software Wincap Workbench's Year 2000 Tools
  • WindStar Group, Inc. Consulting
  • Winforce, Inc. Year 2000 services, mainframe and client/server
  • Wipro Systems Consulting, Wipro 2000 methodology, DA-TE 2000 tool
  • Xantel, Inc. Year 2000 Solutions for AMAPS/Q and AMAPS/3000 (AMAPS MRPII)
  • Xinotech Research, Inc. Consulting, 2001 toolset, UNIX Sun, CICS, COBOL, DDL, JCL, SQL
  • XPS Year 2000 conversion, Inventory2000, Imp2000, Make2000, COBOL, PL/I, C, Basic, Visual Basic, etc.
  • Y2K & You YMichigan y2k computer and home information solution provider
  • Y2K Bug Fix Y2K Bug Fix for all but MAC PCs
  • Y2K Experts
  • Y2KPlus Y2Kplus provides a portfolio of software products and services that address issues for Year 2000 and beyond.
  • Y2K Programming Associates Consulting
  • Y2K Special Report How to start your emergenc