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  • T/K Methods Inc. Year 2000 services, emphasis on manufacturing supply chain operations
  • Tava Technologies Consulting, Plant Y2kOne services for manufacturing plants
  • Tava Technologies Year 2000 Plant Y2K methodology
  • TCG Software, Inc. Year 2000 offshore conversion
  • Tech-Beamers, Inc. Year 2000 conversion, Year 2000 S/390 Workstation, Test-Trac tool
  • Technology Solutions Incorporated Year 2000 services, AS/400
  • Techquest, inc. Year 2000 outsourcing, offshore conversion, IBM mainframes, midrange, DB2, C, COBOL, and more
  • Tec-Masters, Inc. Consulting
  • Televerde
  • Terasys, Incorporated Consulting, Tera2000 tool suite,
  • TQM Consulting, Inc. Consulting, tools, AS/400 RPG and COBOL, RPG, domestic & offshore conversion
  • Trade-Mark Consulting, Inc. Consulting, TMC Millennium Solutions methodology
  • Transtech Consulting, methodology, tools
  • TSR, Inc. Year 2000 conversion, Catc