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  • IBM AS/400 Year 2000 Home Page
  • IBM DFSORT/VSE (Storage Software)
  • IBM IBM VisualAge 2000: Year 2000 Methodology and Tools Implementation
  • IBM Service for AS/400 Year 2000 Application Inventory
  • IBM The Thousand-Day Challenge (Storage Solutions)
  • IBM Year 2000 Offerings
  • IBM Year 2000 Testing and the AS/400 System Date
  • IBM Year 2000 Technical Support Center
  • IBS Conversions, Inc. Consulting, IBS/Solution 2000 methodology, tools
  • ICL Consulting
  • i-cube Consulting
  • IMI Systems Inc. Year 2000 conversion, offshore options
  • Impetus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Year 2000 services
  • Information Analysis Inc. Consulting, Cast´┐Ż tool
  • Information Management Resources, Inc. Consulting, Project 2000 methodology
  • Information Systems & Networks Corporation (ISN) Consulting
  • InRoads Technology, Inc. Consulting, Software Configuration Management (SCM) considerations
  • Insight Consulting, Inc. Consulting, uses Software AG's Insight 2000 methodology, toolkit, NATURAL, COBOL, JCL, PL/1 and