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  • B&E; Technologies, Inc. Consulting
  • Barbican Company Systems Engineering, Business Consulting
  • BDM International, Inc. Consulting services, SMART/2000+
  • Bellcore Consulting services, network solutions
  • BenchMark Technologies Ltd. Consulting services, Integrated Software Processing Workframe (ISPW) toolset, MVS, OS/2, different languages
  • Berger & Co. Services
  • Big Planet Free Test disks identifies Y2K problems-complete "fix" available
  • Billennium LP COBOL reengineering
  • BlackHawk Information Services, Inc. Consulting services, BlackHawk 2000 methodology-toolset
  • Blair and Associates, Inc. Year 2000 solutions and BAI Slicer tool
  • Blue Hill Data Services, Inc. Testing services, multiple LPARS available
  • Blue Moon Consulting, LLC Conversion Services
  • Blueshift Consulting services Shift 2000 methodology
  • Booz, Allen & Hamilton
  • Bozeman Legg, Inc. Consulting services, Year 2000+ Analyzer source code scanne