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  • Sabre Group, The Consulting, SABRE 2000 methodology, mainframe services
  • Safetynet, Inc. A leading provider of data security, virus protection and Year 2000 software utilities for PCs and networks. (Springfield, New Jersey)
  • San Francisco Computer Consultants, Inc. Consulting
  • Sandi Smith, CPA� Year 200 consulting
  • Savant Solutions Co. Year 2000 services
  • SCB Computer Technology, Inc. Consulting, Pro2000SM methodology
  • Script Llc. Consulting (PCs and laptops)
  • Seadp Programming Services Programming services
  • Select Systems Associates, Inc. Year 2000 services, 'Smart System Analysis 2000' for PCs
  • Senatec, Inc. Year 2000 conversion
  • Shell Services Company Consulting, RENEW 2000 methodology
  • Shim Enterprises Inc - Year 2000 services
  • Siemens-Pyramid Consulting, Competence Center Year2000
  • Silverline Industries Consulting, offshore conversion programming
  • SIM Member Programs - Year 2000 Working Group
  • Sirius Solutions, Inc. Year 2000 conversion, COBOL, uses Hybrid Systems Year 2000 toolset
  • SMART/2000+ This is a platform, tool, and language independent methodology designed as a comprehensive phased approach to solving Year 2000 date problems.
  • Softdata Consulting, Inc. Year 2000 project management
  • Softstream: Software Development Year 200 consulting, off-shore services, Navigate 2000 tool; (platforms: mainframes and AS/400); (languages: COBOL, Assembler, PL/1, FORTRAN, RPG)
  • Software Factory, The Year 2000 programming services
  • Software Management Network Year 2000 services
  • Software Productivity Research (SPR) Consulting
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