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  • UGU Consulting Services Consulting, Vhunt tool
  • Unicon Conversion Technologies Inc. conversion service, COBOL, RPG, and other languages
  • Unisys Consulting, methodology, TEAM2000 Solutions Suite, domestic & offshore conversion
  • Unisys
  • Upp Business Systems, Inc. Consulting, Task 2000 methodology, tools
  • Vector Technology, Inc. Consulting, VSS-MAP2000 methodology, tool set, Unisys mainframes, UNIX client/servers
  • Vega and Associates, Ltd. QuickStart 2000 documentation package guide and templates
  • Viasoft Consulting, Enterprise 2000SM methodology, Viasoft Bridge 2000 tool
  • Vilden Associates, Inc. Year 2000 solutions, AS/400
  • Virtual Dynamics Corporation "The Year 2000 Y2K Computer Problem is not just for programmers anymore."�
  • VisiCom Laboratories Inc. Consulting
  • Visionaries IT Research Millennium Century Date Solutions. This site also features a chat facility.
  • VisualSoft Inc. [US] Consu