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  • EasiRun USA ADAPT/2000 methodology, tools, COBOL
  • Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) Consulting, CIO Services 2000 methodology
  • Ellison Consulting Resources, Inc Millennium Methodology (M2tm)
  • EMC Corporation Year 2000 hardware storage testing options
  • Epicycle A Y2K computer resource for business
  • Epsilon Software Development Co. Year 2000 conversion and testing services, TimeSoft 2000� tool, COBOL, FORTRAN
  • Exacta Corporation Year 2000 conversion
  • FCS New Millennium Technologies Consulting,
  • FFE Software, Inc. Consulting
  • Fluor Daniel Systems Integration - Consulting Services for Manufacturing Systems
  • Fool-Proof Software Corporation Consulting, COBOL
  • Four2000 Q2000, ARM4-2K, OPTA2000, and VersaTest tools
  • Friendly Advanced Software Technology (Fast) C